I thoroughly enjoyed reading this guide. It is written in everyday language that all parents can understand. As classroom teacher with multiple degrees, there is information in the book that I wish I would have known as a first generation college student and things that I would never thought about doing with my own children. I plan on using this guide for family and purchasing copies for all of the families in my youth mentoring program.



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So.... Here's what I think...
At first, as with many signs that I see posted, I thought "people should know that." But then, as I do with any number of signs, I thought "somebody needed to know that". That's when I realized that this is information that people can use presented in a very functional, non-condescending format. If the reader is like me, they will find information that they didn't know they need until the last minute. This book, used as a template, will save countless hours that students and parents can then focus on completing the necessary steps to achievement. I hope your book finds it's way to folks who are interested setting "SMART" goals and developing a plan.

- A. Monroe

“As the school’s first college counselor, Melisa immediately took full responsibility for our first graduating class, offering new tools, guidance, and motivation to address our students’ concerns and create the pathways they desired.  In her second year, Melisa went even deeper and earlier, working with students in lower grades, introducing them to resources, taking them on college visits, advocating for them when other adults were less vigilant, and otherwise motivating them to identify and secure the best post-high school academic institution.”

L. Rivitz

Easy read and very simplistic! A step by step guide!

-Amazon Customer


“Ms.Hypolite was my college adviser and as an adviser, she is incredibly hardworking and motivating. Her depth and dedication to the youth are remarkable as it relates to her thoughtful and optimistic nature. She is an adviser who eagerly takes up extra responsibilities such as organizing a yearbook committee, providing scholars with extra resources to assist with SAT prep and scholarship opportunities. Ms. Hypolite also has a non-profit organization that has also been a big help by awarding me with a scholarship to assist me in my venture to college. She is a driven, organized person who develops inspiring relationships with the youth she works with.”

B. Murel


Very informative! This is an awesome quick tool to engage students and parents from elementary school to college. It provides real life scenarios AND suggestions that provoke thinking and questions you may not have thought to ask. It's easy to read and can be used as a contact book to connect with important school staff who have assisted students throughout the years. As a high school counselor, this is an awesome gift for students, especially for the students who do not have assistance outside of the school setting. 10 STARS!

-J. Cummings

Really well presented.  Valuable information and reminders about challenges facing 1st generation college students. 

-Conference Attendee

Excellent thought-provoking presentation. I wish she had more time.

- Conference Attendee

This educator spent years understanding some of the reason many children struggle in school. For many with more opportunities than children in the school systems in some of the poorest neighborhoods in America, it many seem that children do not perform well because of reasons that are more complicated than one person could solve. This educator understands it's often parents that just do not know how to help their children. It's great that you wrote to these parents in hopes that your words would provide the answers some might be looking for.

-Brian S.

RTN Clear.jpg

This book is a must for any parent sending their child to college.

- Amazon Customer