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"I'm Ready" and were created to help families navigate their journey through the public school system. "I'm Ready" is a guide that assists the reader with building relationships with staff members at their child's school and provides additional information to support suggestions given in the guide.

"I'm Ready" also offers suggestions on utilizing school based and community services. In addition, guidance is offered in selecting a post-secondary option that best suits the individual student.  In the guide, I describe various post-secondary options, their basic requirements and ways to keep applications organized.

Your "I'm Ready” guide is available on While reading, I encourage you to take notes, ask questions and visit this site from time to time for helpful tips and resources.

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Reader Reviews: 

So.... Here's what I think...
At first, as with many signs that I see posted, I thought "people should know that." But then, as I do with any number of signs, I thought "somebody needed to know that". That's when I realized that this is information that people can use presented in a very functional, non-condescending format. If the reader is like me, they will find information that they didn't know they need until the last minute. This book, used as a template, will save countless hours that students and parents can then focus on completing the necessary steps to achievement. I hope your book finds it's way to folks who are interested setting "SMART" goals and developing a plan.

- A. Monroe

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this guide. It is written in everyday language that all parents can understand. As classroom teacher with multiple degrees, there is information in the book that I wish I would have known as a first generation college student and things that I would never thought about doing with my own children. I plan on using this guide for family and purchasing copies for all of the families in my youth mentoring program.


This book is a must for any parent sending their child to college.

Amazon Customer

I have worked in and out of education for a significant part of my career: Teaching, counseling, leading. A motto that I love, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." This UNFC motto, I believe is the cornerstone for bringing our children out of the confusion we see them in every day. The book, I'm Ready, is the first tool I have seen that is designed for parents to guide them and their child through the complex maze of achieving their dream of a college education. I purchased the book and highly recommend it as a working tool and guide.

Wilson Baker, Jr., LTC USA(Ret)